Create your Tasting Adventure!

Your adventure starts here!

To share my creativity and passion for food, I have created the Mystery Dessert.

Sugar Sweet was created to show the Haute Couture of wedding cakes. Now also expressing through exquisite flavours, creating a unique dessert  around your tastebuds. Your very own "Sweets" dessert!

Back to the drawing board! Each dessert has its own style. Through textures and flavours each component has it's own crafted recipe to achieve the perfect taste for your palate. From being a hand drawn design created into a masterpiece! The perfect ingredients are always used to create the perfect combination of textures, flavours and natural colours through out the finished product.

So why not be brave!

Simply order/ ask for a quote- stating what you want your dessert to be based around (Eg. favourite chocolate bar, fruits, nuts or even a well known dessert- to be transformed through the sugar sweet flair.) 

(Write within the "messages" section your preferences. You could even be creative yourself and order a box with different desserts based on different flavours you give.)


You Say the Sweetest Things

Our first cake from Sugar Sweet was our wedding cake in 2015! From our very first meeting with Soph everything was just so easy and we knew that she would absolutely nail it. We shared our ideas and a few pictures, but left the rest up to her creative abilities. And what can I say, WOW! Our cake was absolutely breathtaking (she actually made me cry when I first saw it) and of course delicious too. Since then we have had many more beautiful cakes created for all our families special occasions and milestones. I know no matter if I have something very specific in mind or a request a “Sophie creation” that the attention to detail is exceptional and a definite crowd pleaser.

Thank-you Sophie and looking forward to our next Sugar Sweet creation!

Sasha and Neil Schimke January 2019

The cake we had at our wedding was enchanted and stunning. It matched our wedding perfectly and astounded our guests with the intricate design of the flowers that flowed over the cake.

Absolutely beautiful, Loved it!

Talitha and Patrick Schweikert January 2019